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Best Places to Find Foreigners in Shanghai

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Shanghai crowd

Arriving in Shanghai can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s an experience you will quickly grow to love! Whether you are on your own or with a group, you will have no problem meeting people from all over the world here in one of Asia’s cultural and financial hubs. Don’t be afraid of being alone; you’re sure to meet different people from various parts of the world within days of arriving. But, in case you need some help to get started, we’ve put together a list of the best places to find foreigners in Shanghai. 


French concession Shanghai

If you want to enjoy the beauty of architecture and picturesque scenery of Europe in a Chinese setting, the French Concession is the place to go. This part of the city has a rich history and unique beauty with its gorgeous tree-lined streets and avenues, which are perfect to walk along on a sunny day. When wandering around the French Concession, the first thing you might notice is how many waiguoren (外国人– “foreigners”) you will bump into. As we know, Shanghai is a densely populated city with around 200,000 foreigners living in it. You’ll find many of them in this area, where there seem to be almost more foreigners than locals. In fact, this is one of the preferred residential areas among foreigners. Why is that? Because it’s full of a variety of cozy modern cafes, restaurants, bars, breweries, art galleries and antique stores which make you feel as if you are somewhere in Europe.

Tianzifang quarter ShanghaiTianzifang, the legacy residential architectures and factories have transformed into a touristic artsy area hosting bars, cafes, crafts shops, design studios, galleries and boutiques. One of the Shanghai highlights is the old residential buildings called ‘shikumen’, literally ‘stone doors’, which reflect a confluence of architectural tastes. You’ll be surprised what you can find down the narrow streets, which house a variety of shops selling unique local crafts and food. If you are looking for foreigners there are plenty of opportunities to meet them here, because this is a must-visit attraction in Shanghai. 



Shanghai modern art quarter, M50, is the ideal place to get acquainted with modern Chinese art and meet a lot of foreigners. M50 is a home over 120 galleries and art studios, but the public spaces are increasingly being taken over by private graphic design firms. Additionally, the area around is full of nutritious and delicious cafes promoting a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what time of day you go, there always will be foreigners around enjoying the unique galleries. Moreover, if you are an art-lover you will definitely find like-minded people there. 

The Bund ShanghaiThe Bund or Waitan (外滩) in Chinese, is a classic place to find foreigners. Being the most popular attraction in the whole city, the Bund is an appealing place to go. Besides locals and Chinese citizens coming to visit this area, a lot of guests from outside China preferred to spend time there. Here you’ll find many historical buildings dating back hundreds of years. Besides this, there are a lot of bars and restaurant lining the promenade offering great views of the Huangpu River, the mesmerizing Bund and the shiny Pudong Financial district.

Shanghai lujiazui city center

If you’re in Shanghai to network, a visit to Lujiazui Financial City is a must. Filled with skyscrapers and luxurious restaurants boasting breathtaking and unforgettable views over Shanghai, this area is the true symbol of Shanghai’s rapid growth. Shanghai Financial center, Jin Mao Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower and many other places are full of foreigners enjoying post work drinks and unbeatable views of one of the most important financial hubs of the world. Moreover, a lot of business conferences are held there, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your professional network.



If you are looking to party, Found 158 on Julu Lu is where the magic happens. Full of different bars and restaurant of different cuisine, this place is a mix of cultures: French, American, Mexican, German, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian and more. So, if you're looking for a chance to talk in your native language, this is the ideal spot. Here, you’re sure to find new friends whilst enjoying the venue’s exciting atmosphere. 

China is a digital country where you can subscribe to different online platforms which organize events in Shanghai to discover places to go and meet new foreign people. Among them, the most popular are ShanghaiList, SmartShanghai, and various WeChat groups for different things. To find these, simply type what you are interested in the search box. Once you get to know a foreigner who has some experience living in Shanghai, you’ll be in good hands. 

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