The five types of internship supervisor

The five types of internship supervisor

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types of internship supervisor

You’ve probably heard several internship horror stories—from interns having to fetch endless coffee orders to impossibly demanding bosses. In reality, most internships are a lot tamer than this. However, one thing that is synonymous with the internship experience is having a supervisor. Often they will be the ones who have most influence over final decision on whether or not you will be hired. Not all were created equal! We’ve put together a fun list of the five types of internship supervisor, and how to deal with them.

The invisible

Did someone say supervisor? There will always be one that seems absent 99% of the time. Rest assured- you’re probably being secretly observed (and hopefully guided) by someone else. Having a supervisor who isn’t around, however, is a good way of getting to know other people in your department. Make sure you’re proactive in seeking work out from other people and making the most of the guidance they give you. This will serve you well as you will be able to work on a broad range of projects which will allow you to gain a good insight into what working for the organisation would involve.

The ‘cool’

They’re chill. Maybe too chill. Maybe a bit too cool to be a supervisor. Getting on well with your supervisor is every intern’s dream, especially if you build up good rapport with them. However, always remember that there’s a line that you shouldn’t cross! A little respect will always go a long way.

The really busy

Regularly seen running. Probably doesn’t have enough time to give you work or explain anything, and probably has too much to remember to remember your name or why you’re there. You may be worried about their stress levels and workload. Offer to help- but don’t bombard them with ‘helpfulness’. Often supervisors may be in the middle of a project when they are assigned an intern, and simply don’t have the time to manage you. In order to find work, ask around others in the office- they’re more than likely to find something for you.

The teacher

A great supervisor to have. They might be stern, but they recognise that they can learn as much from you as you can from them, and want to help you out. They’ll hopefully impart their knowledge on you. Having an intern to supervise is often an experience for them too- for many it will be a test of their leadership skills which will impact their future career paths. Furthermore, you’ll come away from the internship with a long list of new skills that you can use to impress future employers.

The serious

Slightly scary but this is probably a good thing. Having a strict internship supervisor will mean that you perform to your best, because that’s what they expect. Even better, go above and beyond what they expect of you to leave a particularly good impression. Furthermore, a glowing report about you from someone who is known to be one of the most serious in the office will stand you in good stead for future job opportunities within the company.

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