How Additional 30 Minutes in the Morning Can Make Your Day

How Additional 30 Minutes in the Morning Can Make Your Day

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How Additional 30 Minutes in the Morning Can Make Your Day

Are you really ready to get up when your alarm is ringing? Getting up early seems to be difficult for almost everyone, yet there are some people who manage to be alive and well at 5am. From the moment they open their eyes they are focused on the day that awaits them. Morning persons don’t waste their work time to wake up; instead, they can hit the ground running as soon as they arrive at their work place.  This saves a lot of time, as things are always more difficult when you are tired.


Why being an early bird?

In order to be fit and ready at your workplace you need to do the ‘waking up’ at home. By getting up earlier you can do whatever it needs you to do so – morning exercise, some extra minutes of relaxing on the couch, preparing a huge breakfast, … This way you make sure to arrive at work full of power!


The early bird catches the worm

With a wide awake mind you are able to detect problems quicker and have fewer difficulties solving them. When this happens to be in the morning, your day begins in a good way. Compared to having to start very slowly because you are not yet able to fully focus on your task, it sounds like the way better idea, right?

Furthermore, having less stress in the morning makes you look forward to work. Nobody wants to have a bad feeling in the evening or after the weekend because they fear the stress they will have the next morning. Forcing yourself out of the bed and into work every day is definitely not the way it should be. Instead, you should be rested on the one hand and motivated on the other.

Starting your day earlier does not mean having less time in the evening, it basically means shifting your daily routine. By moving your ‘resting time’ to the morning you will gain the necessary power for your work - instead of needing to ‘recharge’ after an exhausting day.

Becoming a morning person therefore really pays off! Changing your routine does of course not happen overnight. So here are some tips to help you along the process.

Have a relaxed morning

First of all, find out how much time it takes you to get ready for the day without any hassle.

This means you have to figure out how long your morning routine would take if you didn’t have to rush. Also, calculate some time to ‘wake up’: this can either be the second or third time you press the snooze button, or the 10 minutes you just enjoy sitting on the couch doing nothing, or the way to the mailbox to get the newspaper. If waking up slowly, picking your outfit carefully and getting ready to leave the house takes you two hours, then you should consider getting up earlier than you use to do now.

Not being in a rush usually means being able to do things the right way. How often did it happen to you that you forgot something in the apartment, so you had to rush back and get it?

In the end, having to hurry takes you longer than doing things properly – a calm approach is a strong approach.

Rearrange your schedule

If you feel like taking two hours in the morning is way too much time, think of how you could rearrange your schedule.

Moving some parts of your morning routine to the evening makes it easier for you to manage the early hours of your day.

     Picking your outfit, for example, could be done the day before.

     Also, packing all the things you need for the coming day could be an idea. This way you not only save time in the morning, you also make sure not to forget anything.

     Another hot tip if you live in a shared apartment: shower in the evening. Unless you have your own bathroom you will know how annoying it can be if your roommate just decided to rearrange your schedule by having to shower right now, and that for about 30 minutes.

Find the right time

Now you should be able to estimate the right time to get up.

Still, your body should be allowed to get used to it slowly. Don’t expect any effects if you read this on a Wednesday and set your alarm to 5 for Thursday, although every other day you get up at 7:30. You will be tired, and not too little.

For changing your routine you need to put first things first: most important for the beginning is the rearranging.

Take care of things in the evening and be surprised, how much time there is now in the morning.

Then you can still ‘add’ some extra time by setting your alarm earlier.

Get a little helper

If after a while getting up early still is a huge discomfort, it might be possible that you picked the ‘wrong time’. Try waking up 30 minutes earlier or sleep few minutes earlier – you will be surprised how much effect that has!

The cause for not being able to wake up easily can be that you are forced to stop sleeping during a slow-wave sleep phase. During this time of your sleep your body is least ready to start functioning.

If you can’t figure out the perfect time to wake your body by yourself, get a sleeptracker. A sleeptracker is a special clock that measures your slow-wave sleep phases and sets the alarm at a different time every morning. Of course it will not wake you up at noon because you happen to have a very deep sleep before – you can still set a time like usual, it just wakes you up at the best time around that.


Becoming a morning person is totally manageable, if you just know how.

You should at least give it a try and experience the positive effects it brings yourself. You will enjoy the time in the morning you have for yourself! It doesn’t matter what you use it for – morning exercise, reading the newspaper, seeing the morning show on TV…it helps you getting started for the day.

If you are still not convinced, you can always change back – now that you know that it is possible!


Theresa Hirsch
Marketing Assistant 



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