How to find the best internship for you

How to find the best internship for you

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How to find the best internship for you

The experience you will gain at an internship is crucial in starting your career and boosting your resume. During an internship, you will develop both professionally and personally, and hopefully discover what motivates you and the industry into which you want to progress. However, with more and more companies and organizations offering internships that can seem very similar at first glance, it’s difficult to decipher which is most suited to your own career goals. The team at Intern Asia have put together some pointers that might help you discover which internship is best suited to you.

Which industry?

First of all, have a think which industry you want to go into. Many students have no idea what they want to do, but negative experiences are valuable too to the extent that you can discount certain options and pathways, and learn what does not suit you, all while boosting your resume. A useful way to understand what you want to do is to think about what you have and haven’t enjoyed during your degree- is there a particular subject that fascinates you, or have you enjoyed your involvement in societies more?

Don’t limit yourself

If you’re interested in finance, for example, banking is not the only place to look- many small start up companies are looking for financial officers where you can make a bigger impact and be given more responsibility. In addition, make sure you understand what the role you’re applying for involves- it may be at your dream law firm, but the internship itself could be in a completely different department such as HR. Look for something unique that will stand out on your resume.

Do your research!

Firstly, look beyond your comfort zone. A challenging internship will be a wonderful opportunity to develop and make your resume unique. Look beyond your own national borders- many companies offer international opportunities where you can experience the excitement of traveling to a new country as well as gaining valuable international experience and understanding a different professional culture. In addition, think about what doors your previous work experience could open.

Think about what you want to gain

What are you hoping to achieve during your internship? To narrow down your search, identify future career goals as well as personal goals that you would like to achieve. For example, would you like to build your own portfolio to open more doors, in journalism for example; or would you like to work in a team on a broad range of projects? Think about your own strengths and weaknesses too. The ideal internship should be an opportunity to build your own skills, make your resume more unique, and help you develop a network.

Working environment

What kind of working environment would you like? Some people work well under intense pressure, others do not. Would you prefer a job that is based on teamwork and a variety of tasks or where you are independent and can work on your own projects? How important is using creativity to you? Have a look at the size of their intake too. If the company is only taking one or two interns, you are likely to be given a lot of responsibility; although a bigger intake may mean that the internship has better structure and training. Asking these questions will help you differentiate between companies.

Networking is your way in

Use your contacts to network and discover what opportunities are available to you. Through utilizing your contacts, you may uncover internships and opportunities that you would otherwise have missed. One way to do this is through alumni networks at your university, and you could also connect with people through LinkedIn. Be proactive. Another good way of doing this is at careers fairs at university and networking events at different companies. They provide a valuable insight into company culture and their work from people who work there, and will help you differentiate between what different companies offer. Always follow up after networking to leave a positive lasting impression.

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