advice for getting hired after your internship

How to get Hired after your Internship

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How to get hired after your internship

An internship is a golden opportunity to gain experience, advance your career, network and- if you enjoy it- secure a job.

It starts on day one

create personal internship goals

The first day at an internship can be intimidating. Not only do you have to meet new colleagues, rapidly settle into a job and manage your workload; but there is also added pressure of having to impress. Nevertheless, first impressions are crucial. Be on time, be polite and be professional. Furthermore, be prepared with detailed knowledge of the company and the role- this will all help leave a positive lasting impression of you, which will stick with you throughout. It’s important to remember those making the final decision about hiring you could be people you only meet once or twice. Ensure that you show them that you are right for the job. Don’t forget- keep your phone in your bag.

Create personal goals

Think about what you want to achieve during this internship. Do you want to find out more about the industry, improve your professional skills, master technical skills, or build your network? If you are interested in a full time position, make it clear. By achieving these goals, you will improve your employability in the wider industry, and be able to accurately describe what you have learnt and the experience you have gained when applying for other jobs or in a final interview for the company. You will also be able to effectively measure your own progress.

Understand what is expected of you and fulfill it

advice for your internship

Ensure that you are aware of what is required and expected of you- this will help you manage expectations. Furthermore, understand how your company views success, and what they are looking for in fulfilling their positions. Be sure to listen to instructions. If you are not sure of anything or how to do something, ask your supervisor or alternatively a trainee or junior. Simply make sure that you listen and do not repeat the same question twice. Ensure you meet deadlines consistently, and manage your workload effectively to guarantee that your work is completed to a consistently high standard.


Enthusiasm is crucial to your success. You may be doing boring, repetitive and simple tasks, but complete them accurately and on time if you want the job. It will demonstrate that you’re eager to work and can be given greater responsibilities as you progress. Furthermore, it will be testimony to your own commitment to the role and company. 

Develop strong relationships

Developing a strong relationship with your co-workers and other interns is invaluable if you want to convert an internship into a job. You must show you are able to work effectively independently and as part of a team, and be able to feel comfortable in various situations. If you’re liked, getting hired is far easier- you may even get advice from colleagues. Your supervisor is likely to be completing your appraisal and their opinion can often decide whether you are offered a job. Therefore, ensure you complete the tasks they give you to a high standard, be enthusiastic, and ensure they are aware of your progress. Socialise and take part in activities to both strengthen your network and get the most out of your internship.

Take on more work

If you are not busy and your supervisor has no work for you, take the initiative ask for work from others in the office. This will show that you’re taking an interest, allow you to develop new skills, and give you a broader idea of what working for the company or organisation involves on a daily basis. It will further increase your employer’s confidence in your ability, and help you get to know your colleagues. No work? Then take an interest in what your co-workers are doing. Even better, do it outside your department. Go above and beyond what is asked of you as an intern and you will reap the rewards.

top tips for your internship

Ask for feedback and take it on-board

Ask your supervisor for feedback how you are doing and how your work could be improved. Ensure that you use feedback to improve yourself. This should always remain strictly professional- don’t take it personally, they want you to improve too.

Enjoy the experience

If you remain exclusively focused on the job that may follow a long internship, you risk missing out on a lot of valuable things to be learnt. Enjoy the internship and the experience of working in an industry that you may join in the future, make new friends and benefit from learning new skills. If you do not enjoy it, then it is unlikely that you will enjoy the full time job.

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