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Introducing: Young Professionals Internship in Indonesia!

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internship in Indonesia

InternAsia is proud to introduce our newest partner, Young Professionals Internships – the leading internship provider in Bali and Yogyakarta.

The team consists of former interns who have a passion for providing amazing experiences and a real talent for creating a warm, fun environment. If the paradise islands of Indonesia are on your radar, give YPI a call to learn about the many types of internships they offer.

A bit of history

YPI was founded by a Dutch guy, Jasper, who did his own internship in Bali. Back then, he had to organize everything himself, and although it worked out well, he realized that he now had some expert knowledge that could help others come and have a similar experience as him. Bali was just too good to leave, so Jasper has since made a living out of helping people from around the world come to Bali to experience for themselves what’s so magical about this island.

With time, interest in internships in Indonesia continued to grow and a little while ago, Jasper and his team decided to also open an internship program in Yogyakarta to accommodate those who are looking for a road less traveled.



Why choose YPI?

The first question we always ask ourselves when meeting a new partner is: would we do this program ourselves? And with YPI the answer is easy. They have a dedicated community of great people helping out and show a genuine interest for all their students. Their internship offers are varied and interesting, the prices are reasonable, and the package includes everything you need.

Especially if you are interested in working in the travel or tourism industry later on, YPI is a good place to start. They work with some of the best profiles in luxury travel in Indonesia and can place you in companies that not only show you the ropes of the industry, but also look really good on your resume!



Where can you go?


Everyone has heard of Bali and everyone can picture Bali in their mind: beautiful beaches, wild party nights, lush jungles, temples, world-class restaurants and a cool surf culture. This island truly has it all (and then some) and provides an ideal backdrop for an internship to remember. Combine your internship with lots of adventures and create memories enough to last you a lifetime.


While everyone has heard of Bali, not everyone has heard of Yogyakarta. This city on the main island of Java should however be on your mind. With much of the same attractions as its more famous neighbors, with fewer crowds and a vibrant student scene, Yogyakarta is the new it-destination for travelers in Indonesia.


Meet the team

find an internship in Bali IndonesiaWe had a chat with Jasper, the founder of YPI, to learn more about who he is and what drives him.

Do you still remember the first person you found an internship for? 
Yes! Sebastiaan in 2013! He is still a good friend although our services were not as good as now. That time we were still finding out how things were going here. 

What are people most surprised about when they arrive? 
The traffic for sure! Besides that, the contrast between poor and rich, the beautiful green landscapes and the beaches. The Hindu culture and the amazing nightlife also.

What’s your favorite place in Indonesia? 
I have many favorite places actually and still a lot to discover but for me:
- Pulau Padar in National Park Komodo
- Lempuyang Temple in Bali
- Nusa Penida Bali
- Rinjani National Park in Lombok
- North Sulawesi, Manado
- Yogyakarta city
- Bromo National Park

What’s your best tip for people who are visiting for the first time? 
- Respect for the local culture and religion
- Bring an international driver’s license 
- Most people come to visit Bali but please do visit other islands as they are even more beautiful
- Please apply for the right visa!

The best thing about our service is that everyone becomes a friend! We are in the middle of all the students and organize many events and activities. Since the start, many students have already come back to Indonesia for holiday or even to help us.

I love being in Indonesia; the culture and the people are amazing. Besides that, nature, volcanoes, beaches are incredible. I was born and raised in the Netherlands where everything is perfectly arranged for everyone. Living in Indonesia is more challenging but the climate, the variety of landscapes and cultures make it more than worth it. 


What Next?

If you’re interested in finding out more about YPI and taking the first step towards the internship adventure of a lifetime, get in touch with Jasper and the team today. They’ll be happy to share their experiences, knowledge and advice and help you find your dream internship position in this beautiful country.

If you want to know more about why we work with YPI, feel free to contact us at Intern Asia and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!


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