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internship in Asia

We are proud to introduce our newest partner, Asia Internship Program

We are always happy when we start working with a new awesome internship provider. It helps us expand our network and lets us give even more good recommendations to all of you who are looking for internships in Asia. But this one is that extra bit special; AIP is by far the most comprehensive program we have come across and they have opportunities for you all over Asia. Have a look here to see for yourself just how comprehensive their program is. As with all our other partners, we have carefully selected AIP and taken many steps to ensure that we can truly recommend this program to you. To get to know AIP, keep reading and learn why we think these guys are suitable to join the InternAsia network of internship providers. 

Asia internship programWho are they? 

The team at Asia Internship Program consists of talented young people who are based in several Asian countries to help customise your program perfectly to your chosen location. Founded in 2013, AIP have since successfully placed more than 700 people in internship positions, and that number continues to grow. If you want to get to know them a bit better before making up your mind, have a look at their About Us section to discover all you need to know. During our talks with the team, it was beyond clear that they are motivated more than anything by helping more people have similar positive experiences with internships abroad as they all had back when they first started their careers. It's something we know very well at InternAsia too; an internship abroad is one of the best possible ways to make the transition from student life to working life. But to get the full benefits, you need a good match with both the internship company and the job description. This is where AIP come in; they have a nearly perfect matching rate and many of their interns have been offered a fulltime position upon completing their internship. The many happy reviews speak for themselves! 

Internship program in AsiaWhere can you go? 

More like, where can you not go? The team at Asia Internship Program have internship opportunities in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Seoul and Hong Kong. You can either choose location first, and then pick your internship, or you can start by browsing the various types of internship and choose a location based on that. Regardless of which city or country you decide on, you are going to benefit from a full support package and unbeatable service that will make the experience that bit better. If you are in doubt about where you should go, send them an email and ask for advice. With hundreds of successful interns, this team knows how to match you with not just the best company, but also the best location for your personality and the industry you are aiming towards. Our best advice is to take your time considering all the internship locations available. Think about what you are hoping to get out of your time abroad and how each location fits in your future industry. Are you aiming for hospitality? Then the excellent tourism industry in Bangkok is a great choice. Are you considering finance? Then the financial hub of Singapore makes more sense. 

Asia internship programWhy did we pick AIP as our new partner? 

It's not about quantity but quality for us. We are of course impressed that AIP can offer internship programs in such a large number of locations, but what really matters when we select a new partner is the quality of each and every internship. We see what previous interns have to say and we try to picture ourselves using the internship program of a new partner. With AIP, we didn't have any doubt - they are committed to giving you the best possible experience regardless of where you choose to go, for how long and with what type of internship. They have all experienced it themselves, so they know what you are going through and can give you good advice on how to handle any potential situation. What's more, they have a selection of programs that give you the flexibilty to choose how much support you want. If this is your first time moving abroad (or if you want to give your parents some comfort), you can go for the most elaborate package that takes care of all aspects of your time abroad. If, however, you have done this before or you feel ready for a little challenge, you can go for the smaller program that still leaves a bit of the preparation up to you. This way there is something for all types of people and all types of budget. We like nothing better than when internships become more easily available to more people. 

internship in AsiaWhat's next? 

If you are ready to get started on an internship with AIP, you can send them an application here and tell them more about what you are looking for. And, as always, you can check out our News section to read up on everything from writing the perfect CV, to acing your interview and must-see places around Asia. Make sure to leave yourself enough time to get all the preparation done. Send your application at least 2-3 months in advance of your desired starting date. You will spend some time interviewing with companies and deciding on your internship position, and then you still need some time to make your travel arrangements and apply for a visa. 


If you want to know more about why we work with AIP, feel free to contact us at Intern Asia and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!


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