The marvels of Kerala

The marvels of Kerala

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Kerala is a location that offers a wealth of opportunities for those individuals that have Wanderlust. If you are interested in a career in the depths of south India and a new exciting travel destination, let us guide you through the various opportunities and marvels it has to offer. Your Wanderlust can take you to explore and teach in India’s tea plantations, in the hill town of Munnar. You could offer support in an orphan village outside of Chennai and make a difference. How about studying in the oldest and prestigious universities in India or helping to plan an HIV awareness campaign in the impoverished neighbourhood of Chennai. Not convincing enough? You could also become a super hero and help the environment by planting trees in the Palani Hills. These culture experiences can make you live among art, get in touch with humanity and spark your life with knowledge that has transcended from thousands of years ago.


Kerala has a rich cultural heritage and is cosmopolitan in nature. It is an integral part of Indian culture. The traditions and culture are a fusion of the Aryan and Dravidian, defined by its antiquity and the organic continuaty sustained by the Malayali people. It has been influenced and elaborated through centuries of contact with neighbouring and overseas cultures. Its diverse culture is influenced by three main religions of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.







Kerala’s must see

Art Lovers

Do you love art? Kerala has some of the most magnificent landscape, exquisite sculptures and giant statues in India such as Jatayu Bird Sculpture in Kollam, statue of Mermaid at Shanghumukham beach, Malampuzha Dam Yakshi Statue and Anjaneya Giri Hanuman Statue. Mr. Kanhai Kanjuraman is the popular sculptor of Kerala, famous for his magnificent sculpture in the country such as mother child stone statues, Yakshi Statue and Giant statue of Mermaid. 


Jatayu Bird SculptureJatayu park kerala

Jatayu Nature Park of Kollam is a rock-theme nature park and a must visit tourism destination in Kerala that was designed by Rajiv Anchal. This nature park project was initiated with the aim of promoting mythology,adventure and wellness tourism. The park is named after a mythical bird from Ramayana Jatayu, who tried to rescue Sita from Ravana. The park Spreads over 65 acres of land. The sculpture is 200 feet long, 150 feet broad, 70 feet in height and has a floor area of 15,000 square feet. Locals believe that the mythical bird fell there after being struck down by Ravana. The sculpture sits on top of a hill. The bird sculpture will have a 6D theatre and an audio-visual based digital museum inside it. The museum will exhibit glimpses from Ramayana. One can also enjoy the bird’s eye view experience from 1,000 feet above the sea level, from inside the sculpture.



Shanghumukham Beach Jalakanyaka

The Giant statue of Mermaid is more than 35m long and one of the added attraction in Jawaharlal Nehru Park along with boating facilities and landscaped gardens. The gigantic leisurely reposing mermaid is located 8 km from the city. The beach in which it is situated is always visited by sunset lovers. The Shanghumukham beach is close to the Thiruvanathapuram Airport and Veli Tourist Village. The beach is very calming, making it a family destination to hangout on weekends,for the breathtaking sunset views.Snacks are also sold at stalls at the shore. The place is a great attraction for tourists and for photography lovers.


Architecture tour in Fort Koch

Tour in Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is part of the islands forming Old Kochi in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Long before Kochi became a famed trading port Arabian traders discovered Kerala’s gold mine of spices.

Kochi had a big part of the spice market shipping cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood, turmeric and other exotic spices to Europe but only sharing it with a small Jewish community at Mattancherry. The Architecture tour in Fort Kochi is an amazing place to visit in Kerala if you appreciate architecture.With the influence of Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese, Fort Kochi has a lot of eclectic architecture to awe at. Explore the place on foot or on a bicycle including the Jewish synagogue, Indo portuguese museum,Chinese fishing nets, Santa Cruz Basilica and Fort Kochi beach.





Music and Dance Lovers

Music and dance have also been an essential part to the historic development of Kerala’s cultural traditions. The traditions of Kathakali and Mohiniattam are highly developed art forms that have derived from their folk origins into highly evolved classical dance forms. Kathakali is considered as one of the world’s oldest forms of theatre. In Malayalam (the local language of Kerala),Kathakali means Story-Play,"Katha-Story" and Kali-Play.The scenario of this classical dance performance is always temple grounds. In the performance, graceful movements of hands,legs and eyes are included. Props are used in the dance and a traditional drum known as Chenda is played. One or two singers will describe the story evolving in their song.


Kathakali combines art forms of opera,ballet,masque and pantomime.The dance is a fusion of blending color,dance,music,drama and expressions.The state has received high popularity thanks to the dance customs. Many other dance forms have evolved over the centuries. Some of these forms are Krishnattom, Mohiniyattom, Thullal and Koodiyattom.If you would like to dance,please do visit kerala and emerge yourself with colours and movement.



Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary

 Animal and Nature Lovers

As an insatiable wanderlust trotter, you might also be interested in what Kerala’s nature has to offer. Do you love animals? How would you feel if we told you that you can bathe with elephants? Elephants are considered as auspicious animals in Kerala. No major festival will exclude elephant processions. Elephants here, in the deep South of India are loved,revered and groomes with the utmost care and respect.


If you feel like partecipating in this once in a lifetime experience,Kodanad Elephant Sactuary is the place to be.

Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary is a major attraction in Kerala. 42 kms from Kochi, visit the sanctuary for some exciting activities like elephant baths, elephant safari and elephant feeding. Watch baby elephants too. The rates vary from Rs 350-1500/person depending on the time and activities involved. 






Alleppey Boat trip

Alleppey Boat Trip

The majority of houseboats are hired from Alleppey, the gateway to the backwaters in between Kochi and Kollam. Looking into Kerala’s green landscaped and being served a delicious meal while you travel calm backwaters is a popular attraction while the boat accommodates the whole family and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

During the ride you will adventure though various backwater to destinations such as Kumarakom, Kottayam and Alinkadavu. The travel distance is around 40-50 kilometres through the backwaters each day so there will be opportunity to see a lot of scenery.

Prices vary from Rs 6500-11500 and its better to call in advance and reserve.





Kerala tree house

Stay in a tree house

Feel like some adventure? In Kerala it is possible to get closer to nature and experience the fun of staying in a Tree House at Wayanad, Munnar, Athirapally or Thekkady. Tree houses are built on top of the trees and have been constructed using eco friendly materials. They are built using materials like coir mats, bamboo poles, hay straws, live trees. Locally tree houses are called "Erumadam". Initially, these tree houses were built  by tribal people for the purpose of helping hunters escape from wild animals. Now, in Kerala, it is possible to stay in comfortable treehouses and enjoy the views looking over the forest. You can indulge in activities like rappling, rock climbing, nature walks and mountain biking. The tarrifs for tree houses start from Rs 10000.






Have we convinced you? These are just a few of the itineraries we would recommend to you travel lovers. There are many more activities to indulge in when in Kerala. Whether you are travelling and exploring or decide to stay in Kerala longer through an internship we can help you. Internships Kerala can assist you in finding internships within Teaching, Health, Journalism, Tourism and Hospitality, Animation and Production, Care and Orphange projects and Dentistry.

You can create a life changing opportunity for yourself choosing Kerala as your work and travel destination. Experience nature at its best and learn from traditions and new customs. If you are ready to set off and explore get in touch with the team and let us help you plan your new adventure.



 Guest Writer: Letizia 






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