Need a change? Try an internship!

Need a change? Try an internship!

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When you are stuck in your current job and feeling like your tasks are turning into an endless and uninteresting daily routine, it may be time for a career change! More and more people are finding that the perfect way to develop different skills that allow you to make a career shift is by engaging in an internship. An internship?  Really? Yes, that’s right. An internship is not only the orientation stage you can go through when graduating and initially starting your career, it can also open doors for you and can be the gateway to your new career!

1. Get some direction in your life

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Doing an internship is very useful to gain some orientation in your life.  Maybe your current job role has lost its satisfaction, you don’t feel challenged, or maybe you just want to try your hand in another field. 

When you embark on a different path, you will soon find yourself rethinking your goals and this will help give light to what your actual values are- something that is very important for the bigger picture. 

Furthermore by interning in China, somewhere that may be outside of your comfort zone, you have the opportunity to explore new grounds in addition to a new work setting.  A taste of the unfamiliar may enable you to find what you were looking for all along.



2. See from a different perspective

Whether you are interning in the same sector of work as your previous job, or you want a complete change in job position, you can benefit from an internship.

Every company has its own ways of dealing with tasks and problems; you will learn how different companies operate differently. From company structure and communication, down to new ideas for marketing and branding etc, lots can be discovered.

More significantly, business operations in China may be completely different to that of your home country.  There are great learning opportunities, whether it is differences in culture or legal aspects.  Of course you can never expect the same atmosphere and spirit in every company, but that could also be an advantage for you: you can be the bringer of bright ideas and food for thought!  You can really take advantage from being thrown into a whole new universe.



3. You are more valuable than you think!

Those wishing to intern in a completely new career field usually worry about what their prospective boss will think of them.  Remember: many companies are very open to the idea of taking on those who’ve worked before.  Despite their experience being in another work area, the intern usually has a higher tendency of understanding business operations and interpersonal skills in addition to a greater level of maturity compared with interns with no working background.

Those who are interning in a completely different field are usually starting from the bottom up all over again, and so they are often greatly focused as they know exactly what they want to gain out of the internship.  They are also able to contribute a different insight into the work place by offering fresh takes on ideas. 

Furthermore, there may be high chances of being offered a full-time position after your internship has ended if you have proved your seriousness in the company and shown your value to the company.  After all you are not a student who has to return to their studies after the internship period is over.



How to take the next step?

As an experienced worker in your field, you will be most likely be deciding your new internship on the basis of what factors you disliked about your previous position. You will probably want to create some criteria of requirements you want met this time round, and evaluate on your strengths and weaknesses, to help to make your selection process easier. 

On INA, you can ‘shop around’ for your internship by scrolling through the different business areas available.  Your experiences have probably led you to having skills that can be applied in different areas.  For example your old marketing job has enabled you to develop fantastic communication skills; something that could be useful in an internship in sales or PR. 

If you are thinking of changing career path entirely, then it would also be ideal to ask the internship consultant for advice; they talk to people similar to you on a regular basis.  Whilst taking into consideration the offers they have available and your own skills set and experiences, they can help to find a suitable match for you.  What are you waiting for; make the first step towards change today.



By Resa Hirsch & Amy Wong



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