The Safest Countries to intern in Asia

The Safest Countries to intern in Asia

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When choosing a place to intern it’s always good to make a list of goals you would like to get from interning for that company. Ask yourself questions about the internships environment, for example: what will the weather be like? Is this country safe? While keeping in mind that you may not always find your definition of perfection in any country in Asia but you may get close to it. It’s about having the experience to add to your resume and a new culture to learn about. With that being said, here are the top safest countries and cities when deciding where to intern in Asia. 


Japan is an island country in the east part of Asia. It is divided into twenty-six cities. The economy is mostly wealthy with many advanced technologies. The safest aspect of this country for foreigners and locals are that firearms are prohibited. This country is so safe that people leave bags unattended and children are allowed to walk home alone. Even though this is normal, you still need to be precautions of your surroundings at all times. 



As the capital of Japan, in 2017 Tokyo was named the world’s safest city. With a population of over 13 million, Tokyo is known for its rising technology, digital security, and culture. From reviews, this innovative city is known to be particular for their driving. People drive on the left side of the road; if you’re not used to that already it would be best to avoid driving. Overall Tokyo is secure on their digital security, it ranked second for health security and came in fourth place for personal security. 






If you study in Okinawa, it will be very different from the rest of Japan because it has its own culture and language. The country is made of beautiful islands with a very tropical climate and feel. There are many outdoor activities to do daily. Fun fact: in Okinawa women have the longest life expectancy. The islands,despite the fact that this country is poorer than others, are pretty safe. However some regions are not; You may wish to check for any updates here :There are many things to do including outdoor activities in Okinawa, so don’t brush this one off your list just yet.



China is Asia's largest country. Located in the north east of the region it has the fastest growing economy in the world. It is infact, known for rapid change and innovation over the last few years. It has over 1.4 billion people living there and it has a culture stretching back nearly 4,000 years. Shanghai and Beijing are among the most populated cities in China. 


Shanghai SceneryShanghai is the most global city in China. As long as you are aware of your surrounds and don’t get involved in any “Tea Scams” Shanghai is easy to get around and you will feel safe. The metro line in Shanghai is the longest in the world, boasting a 617 km long track. The metro line is easy to navigate because each line is a different color. Maps are displayed above the lines and they are in English so it is even better for someone that doesn't speak Chinese. When you’re riding the metro there are digital markers of where you are, many maps in the carriages, and even more convenient a voice over of what stop you are about to arrive to. The city has been making great efforts to improve future environmental sustainability such as how to make the city more diverse and efficient. Shanghai is the most westernized city in China but still remains true to its traditional Shanghainese culture. 



Beijing sky line

Beijing has safe neighbours for both locals and tourists. It’s the third most populous city in the world and second most populated in China after Shanghai. The air pollution levels just like Shanghai are very high but you can monitor them and buy masks almost anywhere you go. The traffic like some other places mentioned, is very busy so always look in every direction before and during the time you are crossing the street. The metro is the easiest way to get around the city, like Shanghai it is all color coded and has English words for easy reading. As long as you get the metro down you will be confidant and safe to travel around the city. And don’t forget to try some roast duck; a Beijing speciality!


Hong Kong

Hong KongHong Kong is said to be the second safest city in Asia. With low crime rates and the rise of technology, it will be easy to navigate just about anywhere in this global city. Scams and pickpocketing are two of the major things to watch out for in this city ,however, police patrol is very common. Heavy flooding can often occur during the rainiest months of July and August. There are many tourist places to go and sightsee. Public transportation is the best option for getting there. When taking taxis also proceed with caution, as you may get scammed but this applies in any city or country you may visit. 


Taiwan Scenery



Taiwan is very safe because like the other places mentioned, it has fewer crime rates, friendly people and an advance in medical support. Unlike some other countries in Asia, Taiwan’s Doctors are trained overseas and medical care is taken more seriously.  There are many sights to see, like the famous Taiwan Taipei (the largest tower), but be aware, like any place you visit the pickpocketing could happen. 




Singapore scenery

Located in the southeastern part of Asia, at the tip of Malaysia, Singapore is known for its personal security, diversity, and modernism. Singapore is among the top 10 safest countries in the world. However, the laws are a bit stricter. In some parts, smoking is illegal which makes the air cleaner. Vandalism and drugs are frowned upon. Fun fact, chewing gum is illegal; so don’t bring that with you! Singapore is pretty clean and littering can result in serious fines. For women to travel alone in this country it is safer compared to other countries. As for security, Singapore has a big police force and they are more reliable than other countries in Asia. The working environments in Singapore are corporation free; the market economy is modern with electronics and manufacturing. Singapore is a beautiful country with many sights to see and great food to try.





South Korea

South Korea

This country has low crime rates and there’s a huge gun restriction law which makes it even safer for studying or working. South Korea was placed in the top 5 safest countries in the world. Based on reviews, it is also another country where women will feel safer to walk around alone. It’s important to not talk about politics. South Korea and North Korea have a long time feud, and you don’t want to be in trouble for inserting your opinion. Like other districts in Asia there is a lot of air pollution, but wearing a mask is acceptable and better than breathing in the air. 





Vietnam is a very culturally oriented and adventurous country. With 40% of the country’s land devoted to mountains and 42% of the land tropical forests. There’s a high level of biodiversity (a wide variety of life different ecosystems). Locals and tourists enjoy hiking, surfing, diving, and sightseeing. The only things to be aware of are the types of jellyfish if you go swimming in the water; if you don’t bother them they won’t bother you. The city traffic is very busy and it’s best not to rent or drive a car while you’re in Vietnam. Locals are known to be friendly if you need help with directions. 





Whereever you decide to work, nothing is going to be completely safe if you don’t take into account normal safety precautions. Little things, like the way you present yourself, or the way you carry your bag can make the safest place seem unsafe. Do your research before going to intern at any of these places. Since you are in Asia the temperature will be hot/humid wherever you go. Don’t forget to buy some water and let the internship plans unfold!

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