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intern in JapanBeing in a Japanese natural environment with full immersion will help you learn Japanese much faster than in an English atmosphere. Our newest partner, Study and Intern Japan, offers you the possibility of combining studying Japanese with interning in Japan, whilst learning all about the Japanese culture and having an unforgettable experience in the paradisiac island of Okinawa.


About Study and Intern Japan

Study and Intern Japan is the only program in Japan that combines Japanese language study, internship and sightseeing all in one. Students will have the opportunity to not only immerse themselves in the Japanese culture, but also in the Okinawa culture, which is quite different from the Japanese one. At the same time, they will also gain valuable workplace experience and the opportunity to learn and speak Japanese with teachers who are certified native Japanese speakers and will help you get the most out of your Japanese classes. 


Internship in OkinawaTheir standard program is four weeks long and starts at the beginning of every month. However, it can be tailored to individuals and groups starting from two weeks up to three months. The program includes an orientation packet and informational session, a Japanese language placement exam, textbooks, lunch Monday to Friday, 4 cultural activities, 2 sightseeing tours, ground transportation, a mobile phone, housing, personal assistance and a certificate upon completion.


Study and Intern Japan work alongside different partners to provide various types of internships. Internship positions can be found in different companies, hotels, in food services such as restaurants and cafes, in the education sector, in different sports companies and many more. Note that all internships are unpaid.


find internship in JapanSightseeing and cultural immersion are key to the program. Participants have therefore the chance to choose 2 of 3 sightseeing tours (Southern, Central or Northern Okinawa) and experience Okinawa’s culture, people and history. The program also includes 4 cultural activities. Among these you can find a beach BBQ, calligraphy class, cultural exchanges with Okinawans, golf, festivals, kimono class, professional sporting events, tea ceremony class, and many more. 


Housing is included in all programs and consists of a private room in a Japanese style apartment, guest house, hotel dorm or home stay, depending on the program chosen.



interns in OkinawaMore about Okinawa

Perpetually warm weather, clear seas bursting with fish, fantastic food, gentle people, unspoilt beaches and jungle is what awaits you in Okinawa. Compared to mainland Japan, Okinawa is less crowded, less expensive and much more relaxed. Okinawa is the largest island in the Ryūkyū Shotō group and is home to the region’s capital and transport hub, Naha. The island’s population, the Ryukyuan people, are one of the longest living people in the world. 


Okinawans call themselves uchinanchu (sea people) and talk of the way things are done on their island compared to the mainland, considered to be the standard Japanese. Ryukyu Islands are named after their native culture which is very different to the “standard” Japanese culture in terms of language, cuisine, arts… To learn more about the culture and its history, you can head to places such as Castillo Shuri or the Okinawa Prefectural Museum.


With its subtropical climate, Okinawa stays warm throughout the year with average temperatures of 23ºC, with winter temperatures never falling below 15ºC whilst summer months are very hot and humid reaching temperatures of 35ºC although the ocean breeze makes it more bearable.


The seas surrounding Okinawa's islands are considered to be among the world's most beautiful waters with coral reefs and abundant marine wildlife. Consequently, snorkelling and scuba diving are among Okinawa's top attractions. Snorkelling gear can be rented at any beach and, for non-certified divers, introductory dive courses can be booked on various locations. For those not so keen on going underwater, there are also numerous glass bottom boat tours offering views of corals and fishes and the Ocean Expo Park and the Churaumi Aquarium are great to gain a better understanding of the native creatures of the waters surrounding Okinawa.


Okinawa internshipThere are many local pubs and cafes that serve Okinawan cuisine and dishes. The signature dish in Okinawa is soba, wheat noodles served hot in a soup with usually pork meat. This contrasts with the mainland soba, which is buckwheat noodles. American presence on the island due to the military base has also led to some creative dishes such as taco rice. For a seasonally changing, all-vegetarian, macrobiotic menu consisting mostly of vegan Okinawan food head to the Ukishima Garden in Naha. Meals can be perfectly paired with a cold Orion, the local lager, or imported wine. 


Learning Japanese, interning in a company in Japan, enjoying the subtropical weather, relaxing at beautiful beaches and scuba-diving in some of the world’s best coral reefs. All this and more is what Study and Intern Japan offers you.

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