Internship in Kerala, India

Want to experience India? Let Internships Kerala take you there

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Internship in Kerala, India

Internship in Kerala, IndiaStill largely undiscovered by tourists and travelers, Kerala is the up-and-coming hotspot in Asia. Both luxury tourism and off-the-beaten-track travelers are starting to discover the southern Indian state and thereby helping to fuel a booming travel industry. With its long stretches of white beach, crystal clear waters, and lush forests, Kerala is the picture-perfect location for an internship in hospitality. But Kerala has a lot more to offer – widely considered to be the safest and most developed state in India, Kerala let visitors experience the incredible Indian culture while offering more comfort and peace of mind that most other Indian regions.

With our newest partner, Internships Kerala, you have the ideal opportunity to experience Kerala yourself. Internships Kerala offer internships in a variety of fields, ranging from medical and dentistry internships, to teaching, journalism and of course hospitality internships. Internships Kerala are among the first to provide internships packages in India and they have created a service that goes above and beyond to make sure your time in Kerala is unforgettable and enjoyable.

If India has always been on your bucket list, but you have been unsure if you could manage this enormous sub-continent, this is your chance! You will arrive with a network of people awaiting you, ready to show you the best parts and answer all your questions. 


To give you a better idea of the team, we met up with founder, Mahesh, to ask him some questions and hear more about Internships Kerala.


Why did you create Internships Kerala? 

Having travelled and lived in some countries, I realized there is a drastic difference in the experience you get as a traveler and as a resident. As a traveler, the kind of experiences you enjoy are tailored for tourists and if you don’t have a local contact/friend, you are more likely to miss out on experiences authentic to that country or region. The same applies to the costs incurred while you are travelling – its 2x or sometimes 3x more than what you pay as a resident. With this in mind, Internships Kerala was established in 2010 to enable people from all over the world to experience the joys of living and working in India even though they are a tourist. We’ve brought in the concept of “intern-tourism” which helps you score a great internship experience along with an authentic experience to enjoy what the country has to offer in terms of the places, people or cuisines. Our team makes sure you get the best experience possible and as most of our interns say “This will definitely be your second home”


What is your favorite anecdote about an intern? 

We’ve had a 63-year-old intern Christie from Seattle who knew nothing of India and Kerala before coming here. Her original intention was just to see the places and wanted to enroll in our projects as the costs were within her budget. As her teaching project progressed, she felt more ‘belonged’ here and got involved in most of our activities and enrolled in various other internship projects. She even extended her stay and the energy and the will she showed to learn new things was an inspiration to most of us. She was adored by her students as well as the management at the school and they even had a scholarship running which was named after her. This was one of those rare interns where we got inspired from them and not the other way around!


What should people know before coming to Kerala? 

Kerala stands unique among Indian states with a higher level of human development comparable with that of many developed countries. The life expectancy is over 73 years in Kerala, well beyond what has been attained in the rest of India, compares well with Asian countries like South Korea, Malaysia and China. Kerala’s female to male ratio, at 1.084, is identical to that of Europe and North America. It is substantially higher than that of China (0.94) or for the rest of India (0.94). 

Unlike other places in Asia, almost everyone can understand and speak English in Kerala; so you won’t be lost even if you don’t have a GPS running. People are extremely helpful – “Athithi devo bhava” is the motto which means guests are treated like Gods; they’ve got a big appetite for humor and food! 

Even though Kerala is a small state, it is so ecologically diverse – we have beaches, dense forests and hill stations to chill you; all separated within 100 kilometers. Kerala is blessed with 44 Rivers and 10+ Lakes, its most famous for its backwaters and house boats. It is deemed as the safest state in India and its police department is the best when it comes to ensuring it stays the same

It’s the land of arts – you can find almost all ethnic dance forms, architectural prowess in the form of ancient temples and festivals and also some very unique traditions – a Kerala wedding is a must to attend!

Coconut here, coconut there, coconut everywhere. You cannot spot a place in Kerala without coconut - the toddy (alcohol) extracted from coconut is a must try!


​Why should people come to Kerala for their internship?

  • Travel Guides publisher, "Lonely Planet" has named Kerala among the World's 10 best holiday destination
  • The projects are open to all ages (starting from 18) - The project contents are flexible
  • The projects are available all year round! - You can pick a start date of your own
  • The team is dynamic and we give you excellent support and backup right from your booking till you reach your home country after the placement
  • We have the most competitive cost in the market - We've made the fee in such a way that these are very affordable to you and covers everything -including, food, accommodation and all our listed services
  • All the projects are worthwhile - You'll also receive a certificate of completion after your placement duration
  • Our No.1 priority is SAFETY. We'll ensure you, the local people, children and the animals who are directly or indirectly involved during the course of your placement are SAFE
  • Overall experience like no other!


How do you get started with your Indian internship?

If the above has convinced you that you're ready for an internship in Kerala, all there's left to do is get in touch with the team and start planning your adventure. 


If you want to know more about why we work with Internships Kerala, feel free to contact us at Intern Asia and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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