NGO internship

NGO internship

  • Purpose over paycheck. You like to do things you truly believe in that contribute to a positive change in the world, or in a community. You have strong principals and amazing willpower.  NGOs work for a purpose and they have in important role to play in a fair and just society. People who work for NGOs usually work long hours with low pay. But they mostly go home feeling fulfilled, which is a rare feeling across most workforce surveys. This is a passion-driven career suitable for people who are willing to invest time and energy into the betterment of issues like animal rights, education or poverty reduction. An internship in an NGO will give you an understanding of the stakeholders and effort behind NGO work. You will help along with advocacy planning and implementation and stakeholder analysis. NGO internship gives you good connections and shows commitment to the field. This internship is suited for cities with active citizens and NGO culture like Kerala.  


    Main buzzwords: Social entrepreneurship, impact investment, triple bottom line

    Main tools: Advocacy, campaign planning, stakeholder research

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