• Country: China
    Population: 9,204,000
    Time zone: China standard time (UTC+8)
    Languages: Mandarin Chinese
    Currency: Renminbi (yuan; ¥) (CNY)
    Drives on the: Right
    Calling code: +86
    Official website: http://rc.qingdao.gov.cn/
    Best for:

    qingdao city chinaThough it might not be obvious upon first glance, you’ve no doubt heard of this hidden gem before. Best known as being home to China’s favourite beer, Qingdao – or Tsingtao as you may recognize it – boasts far more than just this famous boozy beverage. Situated on China’s north eastern coastline, the city is blessed with fresh sea air, mystical mountains and Instagram-worthy seaside views that are sure to make your friends and family jealous – no matter where you’re from.

    Qingdao plays a key role in China’s international trade, supplying in-demand goods such as seafood, minerals and natural energy to the rest of the world. Such exports have helped propel the city into the future, making it one of the Middle Kingdom’s many one-to-watch hubs of activity and drawing in masses of foreign investment. With this has come an explosion of opportunity for eager young professionals around the world in fields from import and export to sales and marketing. 

    Despite its rapid development, the city has maintained an impressively firm grip on its historical charm, made evident by the German-style architecture and cobbled streets that form large parts of the city. This enticing combination of Chinese culture and European influence make Qingdao a fascinating place to explore and an even more exiting one to live in. An internship in Qingdao will provide you with endless opportunity to develop your skills and network in a way that few get to – even in other Chinese cities.


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