Research and Development Internship in Surabaya

Research & Development: Science and technology are growing more advanced every day. The goal is for the betterment of human life and the environment surrounding us and it is what the people on the research and development team want to achieve.

These are some positions offered at Bright Internships’ Research & Development internship program:

  • Research Chemist: You will be experimenting and observing on how different chemical substances interact and use it for research to make innovations. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Collect data and report findings
    • Operates and maintain complex equipment and apparatus under supervision
    • Remain current and up-to-date with the newest technology, trends, procedures, and nay industry related development
  • Food Technologist: You will be working on the development process of food and beverages products as well as focusing on the safety and nutritional value. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Experiment with ingredients to create a variety of taste and flavor for a marketable formula
    • Research on shelf life dates and preservation method
    • Prepare product sample for testing

Click here for more info about the internship in Surabaya Indonesia.

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