Internship in Singapore


  • Country: Republic of Singapore
    Population: 5,612,300
    Time zone: UTC+8 (SST)
    Languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
    Currency: Singapore Dollar (SGD)
    Drives on the: Left
    Calling code: +65
    Best for:
    Big city
    Cutting-edge technology

    Intern in SingaporeSingapore is something of a rarity in Asia; well-structured, clean, orderly, rule-abiding. This is just not your average metropolis! It is sometimes referred to as a garden city due to the lush green parks and the pleasant balance between city and nature. But do not be fooled but its peaceful appearence; Singapore is on the move. Business, education, healthcare and trade are some of the hallmarks of the city and they are all booming. Singaporeans are among the best educated nationalities in the world and the country is home to multiple world-class universities that draw in thousands of foreign students every year. 

    Even though Singapore is very small, it is densely populated by both its own citizens and millions of migrants from other Asian countries. The result is a bustling metropolis with very distinct neighbourhoods giving the country a multi-cultural feel unlike anywhere else. From the beautifully constructed city centre with the unique Marina Bay building (the one that looks like a flying ship) and elegant water art, to the busy muslim quarter with its market streets and impressive mosques, to Little India where scented smoke emerge from temples and ladies in saris sell colourful snacks from street carts. Tiny Singapore has made space for all of it and then some. You can stroll down some of the best shopping streets on the planet, eat delicious food from around the continent and marvel at the enormous artificial trees all in an afternoon. 

    But Singapore is not only about touristy stuff and having a good time. This is also the world's busiest port, home to a vast financial sector, and the center from which much of the region's commerce come from. Due to favorable tax rules and an incredibly well-structured business environment, many MNCs have chosen Singapore as their APAC hub. If an international career is what you're after, this is the place to start. 


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    Examples of internships in Singapore

    Real Estate Internships Import Export Internships Graphic Design Internships Journalism Internships
    Entrepreneurship Internships Environmental Internships HR Internships NGO Internships
    Hospitality Internships Engineering Internships PR and Marketing Internships BD Internships
    Finance Internships Logistics and Supply Chain Internships IT Internships  



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