• Country: Surabaya
    Population: 2,921,630
    Time zone: Several (UTC+7 to +9)
    Languages: Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, and more than 700 others
    Currency: Indonesian rupiah (Rp) (IDR)
    Drives on the: Left
    Calling code: +62
    Official website:
    Best for:
    Big city

    Said to be a place that grows on you the longer you stay, Surabaya is an intoxicating city that demands more than a few days to discover its true charm. Most foreign visitors tend only to stop here for a day or two in transit to better known Indonesian tourist destinations. But such a short stay doesn’t allow you to come even close to understanding and appreciating the city’s fascinating story. Recognized by Indonesians as the ‘City of Heroes’ and the pinnacle of the nation’s struggle for independence from foreign powers, Surabaya has played a crucial role in forming the archipelago as we know it today.

    But history isn’t all Surabaya has to offer; as the capital of East Java province and the second largest city in Indonesia, it is one of the country’s most important financial hubs and home to its second busiest seaport. Second only to Jakarta in terms of size and importance, the ambitious City of Heroes is known for its industry, attracting many well-established corporations and SME’s that offer a range of internship opportunities across various sectors.

    Despite having developed a somewhat undesirable reputation for being a dirty, polluted city with little more to offer than good transport links, Surabaya has cleaned up its act, shaken off the dust and emerged as Indonesia’s cleanest city. Coined Sparkling Surabaya by its creative tourism board, today it bears close resemblance to other Asian business hubs and boasts a wide array of modern conveniences that make life here that bit easier. That’s not to say that the city doesn’t have its own charm however; home to a multitude of ethnicities that have all left their mark on the city’s make-up, Surabaya’s center is filled with temples, mosques and colonial buildings that sit perfectly and peacefully side by side. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of ethnicity or religious beliefs. What are you waiting for?


    Examples of internships in Surabaya

    Accounting and Finance Internship Human Resource Internship Marketing Internship
    Information Technology Internship Art and Design Internship Healthcare Internship
    Architecture & Interior Design Internship Consulting Internship Education Internship
    Engineering Internship Entrepreneurship Internship Hospitality and Tourism Internship
    Human Resource Internship International Business & Trade Internship Legal Internship
    Media & Journalism Internship  Real Estate Internship Psychology Internship
    Research and Development Internship Sport Internship Telecommunication Internship

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