telecommunication internship

Telecommunication Internship

  • As a social creature, communication is an indispensable part of our day-to-day life. Especially with our rapid technology advancement, the ways that we can communicate with each other is constantly changing as well. Nowadays, it is rare to find someone who does not have a mobile phone or access to internet, especially in the big city. Many governments also endeavor to install cell tower or a phone line in rural areas as a mean to develop those areas further. Following these changes, the field of telecommunication industry also continues to grow; from installing landline phones and setting up Wi-Fi routers, devising the best monthly service package deal for your smartphones, develop messaging applications that would attract the most users, and researching for new technologies. Some examples of internship positions available are; sales and marketing assistent, telecommunication researcher and telecommunication engineer.

    Buzzwords: Private APN, MPLS, IP telephony, FMU, Hybrid network 

    Main tools: Microsoft office 365, Solidworks, Research, Meetings.

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