intern in Okinawa

I think this program is amazing!! While interning at the hotels in Okinawa, I felt I had learnt about the Okinawan culture as well as learning Japanese more than I could ever in a classroom environment. I got the opportunity to work with Japenese who spoke no English. It was a daily challenge to work in a Japanese working environment with limited amount of English being used. It's something which I am glad I experienced because I learned more in the four weeks than I did in four years. 

internship in Shanghai

As part of my Bachelor Degree in the UK, I had to do a placement related to an « International Business » program. The idea of coming to Asia was in the back of my head and China appeared to be the best place to go to gain valuable experience quickly. I was excited to go to China, but my only fear was not to find the right placement match! I started selecting some internship offers and I really liked the fact that you can get an all-inclusive package with practical assistance and accommodation. I found a creative marketing agency that became one of my top options and I got offered an internship there. The 6 months as an intern there brought me great experience and a better understanding of business in China as well as B2B marketing. Beside the professional aspect, an internship in China brings you amazing memories, meeting people from everywhere in the world and maybe traveling to amazing places!

internship in China

I was very pleased with the personal method they used for finding a suitable company for my internship. First, I had a short Skype interview with the Program Manager, the day after I already had a few proposals from companies that had vacancies. The next interview was with the company I chose and one week later my internship was confirmed! 

interns in Okinawa

At first I had been looking for an internship abroad program in Japan, and through some research I was able to contact Mr. Holland. He was very helpful and friendly, and helped me along the way to help get my visa and made the study abroad possible. My first impression of Okinawa was great. Mr. Holland showed me around Okinawa's breathtaking scenery, monuments and Ryukyu castles, along with the other students who were already there. The other students at the program were very friendly and polite, and I must say we had great laughts during the summer. 

Okinawa internship program

I did an internship at a Japanese elementary school for one month. Everything, from the internship to the Japanese language classes, was even more rewarding than I had expected. All of the staff did their best to make sure every student understood the concepts they were being taught, and were not disinclined to tell related stories about living in Okinawa, as well as to rest from lecture to talk about the differences in culture between Japan and the other students' home countries.


internship in shanghai

There is no better way to transition from the classroom to the workplace than with an internship. And even more so, abroad! InternAsia’s international team was so nice and helpful, and their program was really convenient. They make you instantly at ease, allowing you to connect with all the other students and intern right after your arrival. InternAsia made my stay here in Shanghai even more enjoyable. If you have any problems they will be here for you.

I didn’t expect such a new and different experience while doing this internship in China. You will be able to discover the city, work in an international environment, meet new people from all around the world, and most importantly: learn.

This internship won’t just add a few lines on your resume, it will open new doors and maybe, give you a new understanding of what you want and don’t want.

It’s a really valuable experience and you will not ever regret it!

internship in China

To finalize my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, I had to do a 6-month internship. I took the opportunity to combine what I had to do with something I always wanted to do: experiencing China. My internship in Business Development turned out to be the perfect way to do so. Thanks to all the networking events and meetings with partner companies, interns and language students I got to go all around Shanghai and meet new people from new backgrounds every single day. My internship helped me to adjust to Shanghai's rhythm in no time, allowing me to enjoy my stay to the fullest. Both from a professional and a personal point of view, my internship has never disappointed me and I have to thank InternAsia for that. Their help with practical aspects such as internship placement, accommodation and airport pick-up really helped me out during my first days in China. 

I have learnt so much about the world and myself during this experience and would advise everyone who has the possibility to do the same thing, to not hesitate and just GO!

internship in China

I had the opportunity to go to China for my internship in order to get my degree in Business Management.

I was really enthusiastic to go abroad, but to be honest, I wasn’t that self-assured in the beginning. Thankfully, InternAsia and its team made me feel more confident. I just stopped worrying and made the step to go abroad. All I can tell is that I haven’t regret my choice at all. What I’m having here is a lifetime experience!

Even if you come on your own, you will never feel lonely. InternAsia is always at your disposal for all your questions. Furthermore, you will meet a lot of awesome people, without a doubt!

You have much more to gain when doing an internship abroad, especially in China! You not only work in an international company, you also learn a different culture that has so much to offer you, both on a personal and professional level.

If I had one thing to say, then it will just be: don’t hesitate and come over!


internship in Shanghai

I strongly recommend InternAsia to everyone who is looking for an incredible China experience. When I decided in 2012 to do an internship in Shanghai, I’m really glad I choose for InternAsia. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire application process. They not only helped me to find a suitable internship, they also helped me with the paperwork necessary to obtain my visa. During the several Skype conversations we had previous to my arrival, I immediately noticed how friendly and professional the staff was.

During my stay in Shanghai, I got the opportunity to immerse myself in the Chinese culture by learning the language and by attending the cultural activities organized by InternAsia. The teachers are really passionate about their job! They made sure I practiced my Chinese even when I didn’t have classes. So you’re constantly learning new expressions and words, which is great!

The program definitely changed me in a positive way. I’m more outgoing and independent. I’m also more eager to learn new things and try new food. I never thought in a million years that I would eat crickets or scorpions and actually enjoy the taste of it. Thank you InternAsia for the unforgettable experience!

internship in China

My internship at InternAsia was, in a word: "excellent". They have a pretty good hassle-free program. You could say I got the most complete treatment, since I got the opportunity to join their team as an intern. I must say, the working environment was really pleasant, which made me enjoy my time even more.

Regarding difficulties you’ll encounter when going overseas, I would say this will depend more on you and your “open-mindedness”. Overall, InternAsia will help you out with the difficult stuff (housing and getting around), but it’s up to you to keep up with the little stuff (ordering meals and communicating).

By the way, learn some Chinese while in China. Seriously, it will help you a lot and it’s always nice to learn something new. InternAsia can definitely help you out with that, and they do it quite good!

Have a safe trip and don’t forget to have tons of fun!

internship in Beijing

When I arrived in China, I was welcomed by 2 people from the InternAsia staff and quickly found out that the whole team is young, dynamic, flexible, open to any suggestion and ready to help anytime if you ask for assistance. The Chinese teachers are great, and will make it really easy for you to learn Mandarin Chinese. You won't believe it!

When I first thought about going to China, and especially Beijing, I was not sure what I wanted, what was awaiting me. How to find an internship, a nice apartment, central in Beijing with nice roommates, good Chinese teachers? Also will I survive without speaking a word of Chinese? All these questions were resolved when picking the InternAsia program.

Coming to Beijing and staying there with InternAsia made it possible for me to combine the advantages of working in China and thus discovering the fastest growing economy in the world. They made it funnier, easier and more interesting than what I’ve ever imagined. No doubt, I will come back soon!

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