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  • Country: Japan
    Population: 13,617,445 (metro area 37,800,000)
    Time zone: Japan Standard Time (UTC +9)
    Languages: Japanese
    Currency: Japanese Yen (¥) (JPY)
    Drives on the: Left
    Calling code: +81
    Official website:
    Best for:

    Tokyo Metropolis, the capital of Japan, home to the Emperor and the most populous metropolitan area in the world. Many people have dreamed of Tokyo and all its glory; ancient temples, modern skyscrapers, futuristic gadgets, weird cosplay restaurants and arguably home to the most delicious cuisine in the world. Tokyo is a must-visit destination, and what better way to do so than with an internship;the ultimate door-opener to this incredible city? Get to know Tokyo from the inside, pick your favorite local bar, get familiar with the neighborhood shopkeepers, enjoy that world-famous Japanese hospitality and experience an endless array of entertainment both day and night. 

    Tokyo consistently ranks in the top on lists for safest cities in the world and often also takes first place as most livable city in the world.


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