Why do an internship in Asia?

Why do an internship in Asia?

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Nowadays, having an internship under your belt seems like the only way to land a job at a top company. As internships become increasingly important, students are sending their resumes to dozens of firms in the hope of landing valuable summer work experience. But they often end up disappointed. Rather than letting this happen to you this year, why not consider an internship abroad? Or, more specifically, Asia?

If you’re looking to get ahead of your peers and make your resume stand out, then an internship in Asia is a smart choice. Why exactly? Well, there are many reasons…


Push yourself out of your comfort zone

internship in AsiaStarting an internship anywhere is exciting, if not a little daunting. However, most people tend to stick to what they know and apply for positions in their home country, or one they are familiar with. Though this is a great thing to do, it doesn’t force you into unfamiliar territory, and it limits the experiences you’re exposed to.

Interning abroad allows students to step into the unknown and gain rewarding experience in a completely new environment. This is particularly the case in Asia, where cultures, languages and work environments differ vastly to western countries. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you will not only grow professionally, but also personally. The courage it takes to do this will not go unrecognised by employers, and it will certainly work in your favour in future job applications.


Learn New Professional Skills

No matter where you intern, you will gain and develop new and existing skills. In the past, employers searched for candidates with key skills such as time management, problem solving, and team work. In an increasingly globalised environment however, such skills alone are not enough. Today, businesses require well-rounded candidates who can demonstrate a multi-cultural awareness and the ability to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds, usually in foreign languages.

The contrasting professional culture gives interns in Asian countries a unique and fascinating opportunity to develop such skills and increase competitivity. Along with a regular workload, interns in Asia will need to adapt to a new culture, language and working environment. It’s no small feat, for sure, but being able to succeed in a role like this is very telling of your ability to adapt, grow, and learn, and employers will take note of that.

The growing importance of Asian economies on the world stage means that more and more Western employers are looking for applicants with language skills to complement their cultural knowledge. Why not give your resume a competitive edge and intern in an economic super power like China or Japan? With our partner organisations, you can expand your skillset further by taking an intensive language course in these countries.


Be part of a fascinating global movement

work in AsiaAsia currently makes up around 60% of the global population, and is home to two of the world’s three most widely spoken languages. China’s economy is expected to have overtaken the US by 2030, India’s by 2050, and Indonesia is set to jump up to fourth place by then too.

This is in large part due to the fact that Asian cities are rapidly becoming global technology hubs. A recent McKinsey study shows that by 2020, Bangalore (India) will become the single largest IT cluster on the planet with 2 million IT professionals, 6 million indirect IT jobs, and $80 billion in IT export. With over half of India’s population under 25 years old, most of whom are digitally savvy, this number is expected to grow even higher over the next few years.

Asia is quite clearly dominating the global economy, and will continue to do so for decades to come. The more important Asian economies become, the larger the demand for employees with first-hand experience and a good understanding of the complex culture and business environment of Asian countries. An internship here will place you at the forefront of this fascinating global movement, and stand you in good stead for future job applications.


Build a professional network

The importance of building an extensive professional network cannot be stressed enough. Taking an internship in Asia will allow you to expand your network outside your own borders, make contacts across the world and broaden your perspective.

Considering the economic impact Asian countries are having on the global economy, a varied list of international contacts will benefit you no matter where you go.​


Be Given Responsibility

As their economies expand, more and more Asian business are naturally looking to tap into foreign markets. The stark cultural and linguistic differences between the East and West mean this isn’t all that easy… that’s where you come in. 

Companies looking to expand into Western markets are likely to give foreign interns more responsibility and listen to their ideas. You may not have much experience, or be an expert in the field, but your cultural expertise and knowledge of western countries is likely to be superior to your employers’, and they will recognise that. This will give you the opportunity to have a greater say, get a more hands on experience and participate in more projects than perhaps possible with an internship in your home country.


Have an Unforgettable Experience

intern in Asia Aside from countless professional benefits, an internship in Asia offers an unforgettable experience. Not only is it a chance to gain an insight into a different working environment, it’s also an opportunity to learn about a different culture and way of life, travel and make new friends.

It can be difficult and scary to organise an internship abroad by yourself, but companies like Hutong School, Intern Nepal, Study and Intern Japan and Zentern are here to help. Their internship programs enable you to gain valuable experience, meet other foreign interns and attend social events – all while receiving dedicated support. Such programs are a great way to get a taste of working in Asia with the comfort of knowing you have a safety net.  

Decided you want to intern in Asia, but aren’t sure which industry to choose or where? We’re here to help! Read our guides on finding the best internship for you and choosing your perfect internship location

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